Introducing the all new 225cc Tillotson Performance Engine package from GoPowerSports. This is not your run of the mill engine, this is a bored, stroked, and clearanced RACING engine designed for high RPM and high HP. If you have a mini bike, go-kart or drift trike and are wanting more power on the cheap, then look no further! This is the engine for you!

Engine Break Down:

  • 72mm Tillotson Block (extra webbing, bracing, and thicker material is built into the casting producing a superior block to any other)
  • Bore : 72mm / 2.835" 
  • Stroker Crank : 55mm / 2.205"
  • 265 Lift Tillotson Racing Cam (wide power band, great for mini bikes and yard-karts, equipped with compression release)
  • Billet Rod with bearings
  • Forged, Lightweight Racing Piston
  • Tillotson Race Head (Large Ports)
  • 27mm Intake Valve
  • 25mm Exhaust Valve
  • 26lb Valve Springs
  • Heavy Duty Retainers with Automotive style keepers
  • 22mm AfterMarket Mikuni Carburetor kit (jetting and tuning will be close but some adjustment may be required)
  • Tillotson Racing Coil
  • ARC Billet Flywheel (standard fin length)

CAUTION!!!! This engine is not for young or inexperienced drivers. These engines are shipped with NO OIL. We recommend a high quality oil designed for splash oil systems such as AmsOil 4T to provide better protection. Always keep 16 ounces of oil in the engine while in use. This is a performance RACE engine package, some assembly is required such as exhaust. *Block does not have tabs for mounting a fuel tank.




Break in required!


Premium gas or equivalent required.


225cc Tillotson Performance Engine GPS