*****Call The shop to order*****


Engine specs :

  • New Tillotson Race Prepped Block 
  • Stroker Crank
  • Racing Cam 
  • Long Billet Rod with bearings
  • Forged, Lightweight Racing Piston 
  • Race Head ported for optimum flow
  • Single Coil Valve Springs W/ Heavy Duty Retainers
  • Tillotson PK carb maxed out no epoxy (Methanol)
  • Custom Hot Racing Coil
  • ARC Billet Flywheel 
  • Top Plate 
  • Fuel Pump
  • Chain Guard
  • Full Racing Exhaust W/ Muffler


Make sure your track allows Tillotson Racing blocks. We only use Tillotson blocks.


May NOT come with chain guard and/or exhaust mounted.


CAUTION!!!! This is a RACING engine and is not for young or inexperienced drivers.  Engines are shipped with NO OIL. Must use Thor Oil or AmsOil 4T.  We recommend 14-16 ounces of oil in the engine while in use. 


There are no Refunds, Exchanges or Warranties ith this product.


Call the shop if you have any questions before ordering ( Option 8 )

PCMotorworks Stock Appearing Race Engine Lvl.3